Project Cost Estimator

Use the calculator below to get a rough estimate for your project built with the most common types of fence.  Please remember that every project is different.  Some ground conditions allow for easy post installation, others do not.  Some terrains are very hilly.  Some are flat.  Some areas are accessible with power equipment while others may only allow hand work.  Many other variables can also be involved. 

These numbers are NOT to be considered a firm estimate but are meant to be a starting point for you to see if the fence you are looking at fits into your budget ! 

  1. Have an idea what your total footage will be.  Measure entire lengths - measuring right through areas where you may want to put gates.  

  2. Count your walk gates and consider if you need a large double gate for boats, cars, etc. The cost for the gate is for the gate hardware and the labor to hang and adjust the gate. 

  3. If you are looking for chain link fence, you will need to count the end, gate, and corner posts.  You will need an end post every time you start and stop, on each side of a gate, and you will need a corner post every time you change direction or go up or down a steep slope.  You only need to count these if you are doing chain link fence.  The cost for these posts includes the fittings and labor necessary to stretch the length of fence. If you are doing another type of fence - wood, ornamental, PVC - you do NOT need to count the end, gate, corner, or pull posts. Just measure your lengths of fence and count the gates.