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PVC (poly vinyl chloride) fence has become popular since the 1990's. PVC fence is virtually maintenance free-eliminating the need for painting, staining, replacing deteriorating posts or boards. Many styles are availabel from picket/spindle style to elaborate privacy fence with or without a decorative top. The most popular color is white. Other popular colors are almond and pebble. New colors and textures are being introduced.

We primarily use the Westech brand of PVC fencing materials. Their local source of supply allows us to order custom materials specific to your job making modifications in standard designs possible. Bufftech products are also available.

The cost of quality materials is more at the outset, but the long term value is well worth it. Lower quality PVC materials are available in the marketplace. The differences include the extrusion method, the use of recycled products which can alter the dynamics of the product, thinner wall thicknesses, high volume fabricatiaon methods such as gluing of pickets, smaller post sizes, fastening methods.

Composite fencing products are made from a combination of recylcled wood fibers including sawdust and pallets and plastic from sources such as plastic grocery bags.