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Protect your investment and keep your new wood fence looking new and extend its life with our quality Wood Defender fence stain.  Delay replacement of your existing wood fence.  We will clean and bleach your grayed, weathered wood and make it look like new. 

Wood Defender fence stain is designed and formulated for a single purpose – fence staining.  Compared to competitive products that are labeled “universal”, the Wood Defender product line is superior in all aspects. 

Wood DefenderWood Defender Fence Stains are formulated to resist the harmful effects of UV rays, water damage, severe humidity, and mildew which means the fence will have a longer life protected from nature’s harsh elements.



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Wood Defender Deep Penetrating Oil Formula Ensures Superior Results in Just One Application
By saturating the surface of the lumber, the Wood Defender® product penetrates into the substrate leaving the fence with an even, uniform coating.
Some of the materials include:

*High quality, deep penetrating natural oils used to replenish and revive the composition of the wood

*Highest quality trans-oxide and finely ground iron oxide pigments that lessen the damaging effect of harsh UV rays while providing ample color choices

*UV inhibitors to further lessen the effects of harmful UV rays and keep the color consistent through the duration of the warranty

*Synthetic resins designed to promote maximum adhesion and penetration to the wood while beautifying the finished appearance of the wood structure

*The latest available mildewcides and fungicides to repel the growth of harmful mildew and fungus spores that decay wood and turn the fence gray in appearance

*Water-repellent silicone to repel water, decreasing the damage associated with warping, swelling and cupping